Oncology clinic opens in Campbellton (09/02/24)

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Feb. 24, 2009

CAMPBELLTON (CNB) - Patients in the Restigouche area will now have access to chemotherapy treatments at a new oncology clinic in the Campbellton Regional Hospital. Health Minister Michael Murphy attended the official opening of the new clinic today.

"The establishment of these services in Campbellton will be of great benefit to the patients and families of this region," said Murphy.

Almost $1.8 million was invested to complete the renovations to the Campbellton Regional Hospital, permitting permanent housing of the oncology clinic. The clinic is a satellite of the Dr. Léon-Richard Oncology Centre in Moncton. In the past, patients had to travel to Moncton to receive chemotherapy treatment.

This initiative is part of a larger provincial initiative to provide better patient access to chemotherapy treatments in northern New Brunswick. Two other oncology clinics have already been established in Bathurst and Caraquet, while the oncology clinic in Miramichi was upgraded with enhanced services.

"These regional oncology clinics were developed in consultation with the New Brunswick Cancer Network, which was created to provide a co-ordinated provincial approach to cancer service planning in the province," said Murphy. "This is really a wonderful example of interregional co-operation for the benefit of New Brunswick patients and their families."

Tanya Irvine thanked Murphy on behalf of the board of directors of Regional Health Authority A.

"I would like to express my sincere thanks to the minister of health for his commitment to enhance specialized health services in smaller regions, and to support initiatives that improve rural health care," said Irvine.

Government recently undertook initiatives to increase oncology services and offer chemotherapy treatments to a limited number of patients in the Restigouche region. With the renovations, the Campbellton Regional Hospital now has the additional space to provide a full range of oncology services to a greater number of patients. It is estimated that each of the regional oncology centres will serve about 40,000 New Brunswickers.

Enhancing access to health services is a focus of the provincial health plan.


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