Additional beds, medical education rural training site open in Caraquet (09/07/07)

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July 7, 2009

CARAQUET (CNB) - Patients and medical students in the Caraquet area now have improved services at the Enfant-Jésus RHSJ† Hospital. Eight new medical beds, four palliative-care beds and a medical education rural training site were officially opened by Health Minister Mary Schryer this morning.


"The establishment of these services in Caraquet will be of great benefit to the patients and families of this region and to medical students from New Brunswick and beyond," said Schryer. "Students who train here are more likely to practise here. I am happy that our government has been able to address these important recommendations from the final report of Dialogue Santé."

The provincial government has invested about $660,000 in equipment and renovations to support the addition of the 12 beds. The annual on-going operating budget for the medical beds will be $1.3 million.

The provincial government has invested another $330,000 in a new medical education rural training site, including funding for operations.

"Medical training in a rural area is a strong and influential tool in our efforts to recruit and retain doctors," said Dr. Aurel Schofield, associate dean of le Centre de formation médicale du Nouveau-Brunswick. "Each month of practical training spent in a rural area increases the chances of keeping the doctor in that area by 30 per cent."

The medical-education rural training site will train future doctors from the Centre de Formation médicale du Nouveau-Brunswick and from the medical program at the Université de Sherbrooke.

Clinical rotations for the medical education rural training site will be done at two other health-care facilities in the area: the Tracadie-Sheila Hospital and the Community Health Centre in Lamèque.

While emphasis will be given to students from New Brunswick, the medical education rural training site will not exclude people from other parts of Canada who wish to come to New Brunswick for part or all of their medical training. Students from other universities will be welcome to do their practical training at the site.


MEDIA CONTACT: Sonya Gilks, communications, Department of Health, 506- 444-3506.