H1N1 virus update: Wednesday, Nov. 25 (09/11/25)

NB 1880

Nov. 25, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - New measures have been introduced to reduce wait times on the toll-free H1N1 flu telephone information line.

The 24-hour 1-800-580-0038 line received an overwhelming increase in the volume of calls shortly following media reports about the deaths of two youths in Ontario due to H1N1. All levels of service were severely affected: the information line did not have enough capacity to respond to the increase in calls; long wait times resulted.

To improve service, more operators have been added and a new automated voice-activated system for callers has been implemented. These improvements have been made to ensure New Brunswickers are able to obtain the information they need about the H1N1 virus, clinic listings, symptoms, treatment, the vaccine, priority groups, and other flu-related information.

In addition to the flu line, the following options are available to obtain information on the H1N1 flu virus:

A contact list of the RHA Public Health offices as well as many other tools and resources are available on the website, which is updated daily.

Print media are asked not to print clinic lists since clinic information is subject to change. Local radio stations are strongly encouraged to share clinic listings for their listeners directly from

The next report will be issued on Friday, Nov. 27.


MEDIA CONTACT:; Danielle Phillips, media relations, H1N1 pandemic, Department of Health, 506-444-3821.