Improved health services in Saint-Isidore (10/03/02)

NB 298

March 2, 2010

SAINT-ISIDORE (CNB) - Residents of Saint-Isidore now have access to a range of health services in their community due to the establishment of a new satellite community health centre.

This project is the result of a partnership between Regional Health Authority (RHA) A and the Coopérative Les Fondateurs ltée of Saint-Isidore. The Department of Health was involved in the planning and implementation of the project.

"Our government recognizes that New Brunswickers need to have access to quality health care, at the right time, and at the right place, and I am happy to see that the new health centre is now open and accessible to Saint-Isidore-area residents," said Transportation Minister Denis Landry, who represented the provincial government at the official opening.

This establishment of the centre was among initiatives in the Provincial Health Plan 2008-2012 to improve access to primary health-care services.

"In addition to improving access to health services for residents of the Saint-Isidore area, services provided at the new health centre will help to reduce wait times at the Tracadie-Sheila Hospital," said Suzanne Robichaud, vice-president of primary care services, RHA A. "Services will focus primarily on the promotion of health and management of chronic diseases."

Staff at the centre include a nurse practitioner, a registered nurse and an administrative support employee.

"Staff members of the health centre are supported by the interdisciplinary team at the Enfant-Jésus RHSJ Hospital in Caraquet, and they work closely with physicians in the region," added Robichaud.

Andrée Robichaud, president and chief executive officer, RHA A, said that she was particularly proud of the partnership between RHA A and the Coopérative Les Fondateurs ltée of Saint-Isidore.

"It is pleasant to see the extraordinary tangible results we can achieve when we pool our resources and work toward a common goal; that is, improvement of health-care services," said Robichaud.

The agreement between the Department of Health and RHA A is expected to be in line with the principles of universal access to health-care services insured by the Canadian public health system. Access to services offered by RHA A will be provided equally to members and non-members of the co-operative at no additional cost.


MEDIA CONTACTS: Hillary Casey, communications, Department of Health, 506-457-3522; Lydia Dupéré, Regional Health Authority A, 506-544-2342.