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New members appointed to the New Brunswick Securities Commission (08/08/22)

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Aug. 22, 2008

FREDERICTON (CNB) - New members have been appointed to the New Brunswick Securities Commission. The announcement was made by Minister of Justice and Consumer Affairs T. J. Burke.

Harry Williamson of Bathurst and Sheldon Lee of Bonny River have been appointed as commission members. The responsibilities of commission members include setting regulatory and administrative policies, performing tribunal functions and providing oversight of management and staff.

Denise LeBlanc of Moncton was named as an additional supplementary member. Supplementary members serve on adjudicative panels that conduct hearings and make decisions as an administrative tribunal required under the Securities Act.

"These individuals bring experience and expertise that will serve the commission well," said Burke.

Williamson is a long-time lawyer in Bathurst. He is an active volunteer in the legal field, having served as past president of the New Brunswick Law Society. He is also involved in his community as a volunteer for numerous organizations, including the Belledune Port Authority.

Lee is a former MLA from Charlotte County and minister of transportation. He remains an active member of many community organizations including the Rotary Club and Chamber of Commerce.

LeBlanc is a Moncton lawyer. She serves as co-president of fund-raising for the United Way and member of the board of directors for the Alliance des Femmes Actives Inc.

"I am pleased to welcome the new members to the commission," said Donne Smith, chair and chief executive officer of the commission. "They bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise that will be invaluable to us. All members and staff look forward to working to fulfil our mandate to protect New Brunswick investors and foster the growth and integrity of New Brunswick's capital markets."

Smith thanked two outgoing members, Hugh John Flemming and David T. Hashey for the leadership they provided in helping to meet the commission's mandate from its inception.

"We also welcome the reappointment of Anne La Forest to the commission," Smith said. "She will allow continuity going forward."

La Forest is a former dean of the law faculty at the University of New Brunswick.

The New Brunswick Securities Commission is the Crown corporation established by the Province of New Brunswick in 2004 to regulate the securities industry and ensure the efficiency and integrity of capital markets in New Brunswick.

Its mandate is to protect investors from unfair, improper or fraudulent practices, and to foster fair and efficient capital markets. The commission develops and enforces securities regulation and offers impartial educational information and resources to New Brunswick residents about investing. For more information, go to http://www.nbsc-cvmnb.ca .


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