Kings Landing Historical Settlement

Duel, trial at Kings Landing this weekend (08/09/10)

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Sept. 10, 2008

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The famous 1821 duel between George Street and George Wetmore will be re-enacted at Kings Landing Historical Settlement this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 13 and 14.

The re-enactment will take place each day at 1 p.m. near the King's Head Inn. A re-enactment of the subsequent murder trial, held in 1822, will be staged at the theatre on site each day at 2:30 p.m.

In attendance will be Kings Landing costumed staff appearing as Judge John Saunders, prosecutors and defence counsel, as well as witnesses to the event. The jury will be made up of costumed staff and visitors.

Visitors will discover how the judge placed more weight on the status of the men involved than on the facts. They will also be able to compare and contrast how society's opinions and actions have changed, or not, in the past 200 years.

What seems today to be a straightforward trial for murder was not seen as such in the early 19th century. Many people in New Brunswick and elsewhere still subscribed to traditions of gentlemanly conduct that were not necessarily within the confines of written law.

The actual duel occurred on Oct. 2, 1821, in what is today New Maryland, between the two Fredericton lawyers, Street and Wetmore. Only one survived the duel - a draw of pistols at sunrise. Following the re-enactment, Kings Landing residents will complain loudly to find the survivor guilty.

Kings Landing is open daily until Oct. 13, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The settlement is 20 minutes west of Fredericton at Exit 253 of the Trans-Canada Highway. For more information, call 506-363-4999, or visit the Kings Landing Historical Settlement website.


MEDIA CONTACT: Krista Rae, Kings Landing Historical Settlement, 506-363-4999.