Kings Landing Historical Settlement

Kings Landing highlights 19th-century fashion (10/07/16)

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July 16, 2010

PRINCE WILLIAM (CNB) - Exhausted from following the latest fashion trends? Revisit a simpler time at a 19th century Loyalist fashion show at Kings Landing Historical Settlement on Saturday, July 17, and Sunday, July 18.

Bonnets, Bowlers, Buckles and Bows is the title and theme of the show which will feature a range of fashions from the tri-corner hat and hip pads of colonial times to the bustles and bowlers of the Victorian era. Many dresses and suits from the facility's extensive collection will be modelled by staff including Georgian and Victorian wedding gowns and a 19th-century swimsuit.

Peter Larocque, curator, New Brunswick Cultural History and Art at the New Brunswick Museum, will be Kings Landing's guest for the weekend and will offer insight to visitors regarding fashion practices of the period.

Other scheduled events include a quilting bee, demonstrations of 19th-century hair fashions and pin prick pictures as well as presentations on the subjects of etiquette and mid-wifery. The Grant General Store will feature a hat display and the visitor reception centre will display garments, such as a mourning gown and a gardening dress. At the end of the day, guests are invited to kick up their heels at the Ingraham Barn country dance.

Kings Landing is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. It is located 20 minutes west of Fredericton, at Exit 253 on Route 2.



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