Legislative Assembly

New Brunswickers invited to comment on two legislative proposals (09/10/27)

NB 1682

Oct. 27, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - New Brunswickers are being invited to comment on two legislative proposals introduced in the legislative assembly during the previous session.

The Standing Committee on Law Amendments is reviewing Bill 60, An Act to Amend the Family Services Act (safe haven legislation), and Bill 53, Lobbyists Registration Act.

The all-party committee will hold a public hearing on the bills on Monday, Nov. 9, at the Crowne Plaza Lord Beaverbrook Hotel, 659 Queen St., Fredericton.

Individuals or organizations wishing to make a presentation should notify the Office of the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly by Wednesday, Nov. 4.

Those preferring to submit a written brief should do so by Monday, Nov. 30, by writing to the Office of the Clerk, Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick, P.O. Box 6000, Fredericton, N.B., E3B 5H1; by calling 506-453-2506; by fax at 506-453-7154; or by e-mail at leg-consultations@gnb.ca.

Bill 60 requires the government to create and implement a safe-haven policy. The policy means that parents of children 72 hours old or younger "are able to give possession of their child away to an emergency room nurse without fear of prosecution provided the child has no signs of abuse or neglect."

Bill 53 requires that a lobbyist, meaning a person who communicates with public office holders in an attempt to influence certain decisions, file a return with a registrar. The return would disclose certain information about the lobbyist, and would be available for public inspection.


MEDIA CONTACT: Shayne Davies, Office of the Clerk, Legislative Assembly, 506-453-2506.