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Changes made to athletics association's operating regulations (08/11/03)

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Nov. 3, 2008

FREDERICTON (CNB) - Changes to the operating regulations of the New Brunswick Interscholastic Athletics Association (NBIAA) are being made to promote more flexibility for school sports teams. The announcement was made today by NBIAA president Douglas Prescott.

"We have heard a number of concerns raised by our coaches, parents and players," Prescott said. "These concerns have fallen into three areas, and our executive is responding to each. We will continue to monitor these concerns over this transitional year, and will make any necessary changes at our annual general meeting."

Concerns deal with:

Yesterday, the NBIAA executive unanimously voted to change operating regulation 18.6, concerning the loss of instructional time for school sports. The amended regulation will allow for two organized activities per sport per season on a Friday afternoon after 1 p.m. All high-school principals will be required to sign off, record and be accountable for ensuring that the clear expectation of the amended rule is adhered to by their teams.

"Following discussions with superintendents and other stakeholders, we felt that this flexibility had to be written into the rules," Prescott said. "The intention has been to minimize loss of instructional time, and these amendments maintain that goal while allowing enough flexibility for sports to continue to thrive in New Brunswick."

The NBIAA will evaluate its new conference structure over this school year, and will make any necessary changes in time for the 2009-10 school year.

The NBIAA is also working with other stakeholders and the Department of Education in finalizing government's new policy on extracurricular travel, which was announced in August. The department, under new regulatory authority, will be making former guidelines 512 and 513 mandatory policy. Since the announcement, districts have been operating under the spirit of the rules until formal policy is put in place.


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Amendment to NBIAA operating regulation 18.6

Following a unanimous vote by the NBIAA executive committee on Thursday, Oct. 30, Operating Regulation 18.6 - Instructional Time was amended to read:

"All league and exhibition competition shall be held outside instructional hours - with the following exception - (i) each NBIAA team will be permitted to apply to the principal of the school to participate in two organized activities per season, when the activity is scheduled to occur AFTER 1 p.m. on Friday afternoon"; and (ii) teams who qualify for Provincial NBIAA Championships - Regionals and/or Provincials, would also be permitted to compete within the same time constraints (where possible)."

The remainder of the original Operation Regulation 18.6 remains the same.