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Oil spill reported at Dalhousie port; investigation underway (08/09/29)

NB 1416

Sept. 29, 2008

DALHOUSIE (CNB) - NB Power immediately deployed its emergency response team to deal with a spill that occurred from a ship docked at the port in Dalhousie.

The spill occurred on the evening of Sunday, Sept. 28, as the merchant tanker King Darwin was docked at the port. The oil it was transporting was destined for NB Power's Dalhousie generating station.

"Since the oil was on its way to our generating station, we responded immediately to contain the spill as much as possible," said Wayne Snowdon, vice-president, generation, NB Power. "As per our procedures, we worked to contain the spill until the Canadian Coast Guard environmental response personnel were on the scene."

The majority of the oil released into the water was contained. However, a small quantity was released into the marine environment.

Canadian Coast Guard environmental response personnel are on the scene and are overseeing the response operation.

NB Power officials continue to work closely with the ship's owners; the Dalhousie Port Authority; the Canadian Coast Guard; the Department of Transportation; and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans to help with the emergency response and the investigation currently underway.


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