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NB Power releases new quarterly report (08/10/17)

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Oct. 17, 2008

FREDERICTON (CNB) - NB Power has released the first in a series of quarterly reports to be shared with New Brunswickers. The report details NB Power's activities in 10 key business areas, and is a scorecard that lets consumers learn more about the publicly owned utility.

"While we regularly communicate a great deal of information about what we do, we believe this new quarterly report will provide our customers with more detailed information about how we conduct our business," said David Hay, NB Power president and CEO. "This report more clearly outlines how events at home and around the world affect the decisions we make to ensure that New Brunswick's electricity needs are being met reliably, safely and efficiently."

The report is structured around the 10 key performance indicators as outlined by the board of directors in July 2008. These indicators are consistent with other measurements the company had in place internally to help measure its performance.

Key performance indicators, or scorecards, are commonly used by organizations to measure and improve how they operate. By publishing this report, NB Power hopes to increase accountability and transparency, with customers learning more about how the business is conducted, and more closely following its progress.

Although the key performance indicators were just announced in July, NB Power decided to use them to report on its activities from April to June (the first quarter of its fiscal year) so that at the end of the year its customers would have a scorecard for the full year. The second-quarter report, which will cover activities from July to September, will be released in November.


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