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NB Power, Royal Conservatory collaborate on Learning Through The Arts program (08/10/27)

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Oct. 27, 2008

FREDERICTON (CNB) - NB Power is joining The Royal Conservatory on an innovative pilot program to teach children through a variety of experiential and engaging methods. The program will be specific to NB Power's new conservation education initiative.

"We are very pleased to be an exclusive partner with The Royal Conservatory on this unique and engaging pilot program in New Brunswick," said Darren Murphy, vice-president, transmission, distribution and customer service. "This is another innovative way we can spread the word to New Brunswickers on the importance of conservation and give back to our community."

Learning Through The Arts (LTTA) is a groundbreaking program bringing specially trained artists into schools to involve teachers as well as to create lessons that make core curriculum engaging and relevant. For example, students are learning numeracy through dance; literacy through media arts; and science through music. LTTA recently launched its active ecology program, bringing the environmental science curriculum to life through the arts.

"As we move into the increasingly complex world of the future, issues and problems of staggering complexity will face new generations," said Kate Eccles, director of program development. "Learning Through The Arts makes learning engaging and fun, and brings creativity, innovation, and excitement to the classroom. NB Power's visionary participation in bringing this program to schools in New Brunswick will have far-reaching effects, not only in helping students today become better thinkers and learners, but in preparing a new generation to become responsible guardians of our natural world."

NB Power is the first New Brunswick company and the first Canadian electric utility to join with LTTA. NB Power and LTTA will pilot an active ecology program in three New Brunswick schools during the 2008-09 school year: Park Street School, Fredericton; Elsipogtog School, Big Cove; and a francophone school that will be announced shortly. A total of eight classroom sessions, involving primarily of Grade 4 students, will be held over the course of the school year, with the first session having taken place today.

Two artists were chosen to teach students about conservation: Deanna Musgrave, an artist (painting, video, sound, and installation) and musician; and Andrew Miller, principal bass of Symphony NB, Atlantic Sinfonia and Opera NB, as well as a faculty member of the NB Youth Orchestra.

"NB Power has been collaborating with schools and organizations on initiatives such as the Families and Communities Enriching Schools program to engage students to learn not only about electricity use, but also to excite children to want to learn more," said Murphy. "We hope that, through this new program, students will continue to learn more about NB Power and the role that we play in their lives."


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