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NB Power announces winner of XCord's Game Zone safety contest (09/06/19)

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June 19, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - NB Power has announced that the winner of this year's XCord Game Zone safety contest is Sonya Killam of Albert Street Middle School in Fredericton.

XCord's Game Zone is NB Power's online game that focuses on being safe around electricity, while engaging children through a variety of interactive games that deliver safety messages. The games' popularity is demonstrated by the results, with games being played more than 20,000 times throughout the school year.

"It's imperative that children around the province know the importance of being safe around electricity," said Duff Boyd, director of health and safety. "The summer season is now upon us, and we want to remind children about the dangers of electricity, and about how to be safe. NB Power's Game Zone contest allows students to learn about safety, while having fun at the same time."

Games have been specifically designed to engage children and provide them with opportunities to learn about safety around electricity, as well as skill-testing questions designed to test that knowledge. The more correct answers that are identified, the more points are accumulated. The contest runs from the fall until June, when all points are totalled. Each month the top 10 scorers are identified and awarded prizes. In June, the scores from all games are added up for a grand total. This year's grand prize is a Nintendo Wii.

"The contest is informative and fun, and enables children to learn more about electrical safety," said Boyd. "Our website also has a list of safety tips to keep in mind while enjoying the summer break, such as remembering to stay far away from any power line and to never play around a substation."

XCord's Game Zone is part of NB Power's ongoing commitment to develop a public safety campaign through various media outlets. This effort has contributed to a decline in customer-contact incidents.

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