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Grand Lake generating station to close early (10/03/10)

NB 340

March 10, 2010

FREDERICTON (CNB) - NB Power will close the Grand Lake generating station earlier than anticipated due to a fire that occurred in the burner front of the boiler.

Expected to close when its operating licence expires in June 2010, the station has been shut down earlier than expected because it is at the end of its operating life and the necessary repairs would not be economically feasible. Clean-up activities will take place during the next few weeks to prepare for decommissioning activities.

"I thank members of the community in which NB Power has been a part of for more than 75 years," said Gaëtan Thomas, president and chief executive officer (acting). "This station, which has been an important part of our generation mix, has now come to the end of its operating life. We will continue to work with the community during this transition."

Built in 1931, the Grand Lake generating station was NB Power's first thermal plant. It was built to serve Fredericton and the cotton mill in Marysville. It location on Grand Lake was perfect since it was virtually on top of its fuel supply, the Minto coalfields, and was only 48 km from its customers.


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