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New Brunswickers make big impact during Earth Hour 2010 (10/03/29)

NB 437

March 29, 2010

FREDERICTON (CNB) - New Brunswickers reduced their electricity consumption by 18 megawatts during Earth Hour 2010, observed Saturday, March 27. This was equal to turning out about 360,000 lights.

NB Power had encouraged all New Brunswickers to participate in Earth Hour, an international initiative aimed at raising awareness about climate change and the effects that individuals can achieve in making a change.

"We are pleased to see that so many New Brunswickers participated in this challenge," said Sherry Thomson, vice-president of customer service and distribution. "This is truly a testament to how we can all work together to make small changes to reduce our consumption to help protect the environment for future generations."

Earth Hour was introduced in 2007 in Sydney, Australia, and became a global phenomenon. One more than one billion people in more than 80 countries participated last year. More information about Earth Hour is online.

"Events such as these are great for gaining awareness and it is our hope that, as a result, New Brunswickers will be more conscious of everyday efforts they can make toward energy conservation," said Thomson. "Small steps such as replacing light bulbs, using energy-efficient appliances and purchasing items such as timers for outdoor lighting and programmable thermostats will all help to make a difference."

More information about easy things you can do at work and at home to protect the environment is online.


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