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International Volunteer Day, Dec. 5 (08/12/02)

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Dec. 2, 2008

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The province will celebrate the dedication and commitment of New Brunswick volunteers on International Volunteer Day, Friday, Dec. 5.

"Volunteers are an important part of New Brunswick's past, present and future," said Brian Kenny, minister responsible for the community non-profit organizations secretariat. "International Volunteer Day is marked as a day to pay tribute to the volunteers in our community. The time and dedication of our volunteers are our most precious resource."

New Brunswick has more than 273,000 volunteers who contribute more than 50 million hours a year.

"International Volunteer Day is a day for the whole world to pause, acknowledge, recognize, and celebrate the valuable contributions that volunteers make each and every day," Kenny said. "Volunteers raise funds to feed and comfort our community; they work to protect and enrich our environment and wildlife; and they play an integral role in the co-ordination of sport and recreational activities. They dedicate their time and energy to provide compassion, guidance and hope to those who need it most. Volunteers are our tireless friends who believe in human dignity."

The secretariat has assumed responsibility for the Family and Community Volunteer Awards this year, and applications for the awards are now available on the secretariat's website. New Brunswickers are encouraged to think of important volunteers, and nominate them for their efforts.

"It is important to recognize the efforts of both formal and informal volunteers, and the difference they make in our lives every day," Kenny said.

International Volunteer Day was adopted by a resolution of the United Nations General Assembly in 1985. Since then, the United Nations, governments and international social agencies have joined volunteers around the world to celebrate International Volunteer Day on Dec. 5.

More information on International Volunteer Day may be found at the World Volunteer Web website.


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