Community Non-Profit Organizations Secretariat

Non-profit groups encouraged to use technology in fundraising (09/11/06)

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Nov. 6, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - Social networking sites and online donations offer new opportunities for non-profit organizations to raise funds, said Brian Kenny, minister responsible for the Community Non-Profit Organizations Secretariat.

"Technology is changing our world and the way people communicate, do business, and raise attention to an issue or worthy cause," Kenny said. "Non-profit groups can use technology to open the door to a powerful new medium and fundraising option. By being connected, you can define your organization, establish a presence, recruit volunteers, organize, interact, network, raise funds and monitor your progress. Websites, newsletters and social networking sites have become popular marketing and communication tools."

Kenny noted that online social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace attract millions of users.

The Community Non-Profit Organizations Secretariat, in partnership with its advisory committee, recently completed 10 regional meetings providing free professional development and training sessions to non-profit groups. The use of technology in fundraising was one of the topics discussed. The sessions included other tips:

The regional meetings also provided an update on actions accomplished to date from Delivering on the blueprint. Non-profit organizations had the opportunity to reflect on their strengths and needs within their region and how to build on this momentum. In some meetings, these discussions resulted in the creation of working groups to focus on such topics as volunteer fairs, regional networking and training.

The secretariat is making progress on a variety of other initiatives. For example, a multi-year funding program is being implemented for non-profit organizations within government departments; a provincial advisory committee has been formed; and access to affordable insurance for non-profits is being developed in partnership with the insurance industry. The secretariat's website provides additional information.

"As a government, we fully recognize the value and critical role that non-profit organizations and volunteers play in our province and, as outlined in Delivering on the blueprint, we are ready to help them reach their goals," Kenny said.


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