Community Non-Profit Organizations Secretariat

Minister's message: International Volunteer Day (09/12/04)

NB 1926

Dec. 4, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The following message in recognition of International Volunteer Day, Dec. 5, has been issued by Brian Kenny, minister responsible for the community non-profit organizations secretariat.

On this date, volunteer organizations around the world come together to promote peace, partnership and social development, and to create awareness about voluntary contributions to society.

Volunteers are the foundation and strength behind most non-profit organizations. They are the engine for getting things done. Many valuable community-based services and programs could not operate without volunteers. The rewards of volunteering lie in that special sense of accomplishment that comes from helping others and building better communities.

Here in New Brunswick, hard-working, caring volunteers are helping to make our province stronger and more self-sufficient. The quality of life we enjoy here is due in part to the level of volunteerism we have.

I would like to congratulate the Community Non-Profit Organizations Secretariat for its efforts to promote the development of a vibrant and respected community non-profit sector in our province. The secretariat works to promote respect for volunteers, and sustain a culture of volunteering in our province.

The secretariat is making progress on a variety of initiatives, such as a multi-year funding program for non-profits within government departments; the formation of a provincial advisory committee; education on insurance for non-profits, in partnership with the insurance industry, insurance advocate and non-profits; the creation of regional networks; and organizing training sessions to help non-profits with fundraising.

I want to thank and congratulate all of our volunteers who work freely on behalf of their communities. We appreciate the unending work you perform to make our province a better place to be.

I encourage everyone to enjoy International Volunteer Day.