Natural Resources

Moose harvest figures released (08/09/29)

NB 1413

Sept. 29, 2008

FREDERICTON (CNB) - Figures from the Department of Natural Resources for the 2008 moose hunt show a six per cent increase in the number of moose bagged over last year. These figures are in line with what biologists were expecting.

There were 2,257 moose registered this year, compared with 2,120 last year.

Dwayne Sabine, moose biologist for the department, said that the increase was largely due to the time of the year and the 233 extra tags available in the draw.

"This year's moose hunting season coincided fairly well with the peak of moose breeding season, so moose were reportedly responding well to hunter's efforts to call them in," Sabine said. "In addition, the fact that more tags were available means even more hunters were out there."

Before final figures are released, biologists will spend the next several weeks compiling the data to determine the number of hunters who participated, the length of time they hunted, in which zones the animals were harvested, and the age and sex of the animals.


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