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Lease signed for development of 99-megawatt wind farm (09/03/31)

NB 409

March 31, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The province today signed a Crown lease agreement that will permit Caribou Wind Park GP Ltd., a subsidiary of GDF SUEZ Energy North America, to develop a 99-megawatt wind farm south of Campbellton.


"Once operational late this year, the wind farm will be the largest in the province in terms of electrical generation," said Natural Resources Minister Wally Stiles. "The electrical energy derived from this project will be enough to provide a clean, renewable and indigenous source of electricity to more than 19,000 homes. This represents a significant step forward in achieving our government's renewable energy goal of obtaining 400 megawatts of energy from wind power by 2010."

The lease covers a 35-hectare, highland-terrain site on which the company intends to build 33 turbines, each capable of producing three megawatts of electrical power that will feed into the NB Power transmission grid. Stiles said that the lease is for 20 years, and will generate more than $7 million in revenue for the province.

"GDF SUEZ is looking forward to the completion of the Caribou Wind Park, and plans to continue developing other projects in the province," said Sayun Sukduang, vice-president of business development with GDF SUEZ Energy North America. "We are proud to be contributing toward New Brunswick's renewable energy goals."

Since 2007, more than two dozen licences covering more than 130,000 hectares of Crown land have been granted or are under review for wind power exploration in the province.

The province's first wind farm opened late last year on Crown land at Kent Hills, south of Moncton, and can produce 96 megawatts of electricity.


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