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Annual workforce profile released (10/04/26)

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April 26, 2010

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The 2009 Government of New Brunswick Workforce Profile was released today by Human Resources Minister Rick Brewer. The annual report provides statistical information about key characteristics of the provincial government's workforce, as of the final day of the year.

"We have expanded this year's profile so that it offers more information to the public about the size and composition of our public service," said Brewer. "We have developed a map with a breakdown of where public servants are located across the province, and provided more detail on the age of our employees."

"The public service is facing demographic challenges with the gradual aging of the workforce," Brewer added. "We want to raise awareness of the issue with New Brunswickers, as our government focuses on preventing the loss of leadership experience and specialized skills."

Provincial government employees work in three parts of the public service. Part I includes the departments, which are often referred to as the civil service. Part II is comprised of the school system including teachers, bus drivers, and school district employees. Part III encompasses all health sector employees.

"There were 39,802 full-time permanent employees working on Dec. 31, 2009," said Brewer. "There has been some growth, particularly in the health care sector where we have added more than 300 nurses to the system."

Brewer said that Part I of the public service will experience a significant reduction in the size of its workforce this spring, when about 1,800 New Brunswick Community College employees will be removed from Part I to form its own organization as a separate employer.

More information about the 2009 Government of New Brunswick Workforce Profile is online.


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