Office of the Ombudsman / Child and Youth Advocate

State of Our Children and Youth report card released (08/11/24)

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Nov. 24, 2008

MONCTON (CNB) - A provincial report card on children and youth was released today by Bernard Richard, ombudsman and child and youth advocate, during his initial state of Our Children and Youth speech at Bernice McNaughton High School in Moncton.


"During numerous investigations and reviews of services for children and youth we have noted that statistical evidence is either missing or outdated," said Richard. "We need statistical profiles and longitudinal comparisons to help determine if services being provided are meeting the mark."

To establish a current profile of New Brunswick children and youth, Richard's office assembled available information from various sources.

"This report, and others that will follow in subsequent years, will attempt to measure and promote the safety, needs and best interests of our children and youth," Richard said.

The report looks at the state of New Brunswick's children and youth in terms of health and wellness, scholastic attainment, youth criminal justice, social condition, child welfare, and behaviours that may place children and youth at risk.

"I believe that a clearer picture of the state of our children and youth will encourage better advocacy and better decision-making in all areas affecting their welfare in New Brunswick," Richard said.

Copies of the background document and provincial report card are available at They are also available at the Office of the Ombudsman/Child and Youth Advocate, 548 York St., Fredericton.


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