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Changes coming to apprenticeship system (08/09/19)

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Sept. 19, 2008

FREDERICTON (CNB) - Plans to modernize the province's apprenticeship program are moving forward. Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour Minister Ed Doherty made the announcement in Fredericton during the 2008 graduation ceremony for 130 apprentices.

"We have a high success rate, thanks to the hard work of our students and all the partners," said Doherty. "Our tradespeople are highly sought after for their skills and great work ethic. However, times have changed and new challenges require us to rethink our approach to training tradespeople. For instance, there are exciting developments in the energy and construction sectors that bode well for economic growth and job opportunities for individuals with the right skills."

Doherty announced in June that government will increase the apprenticeship program capacity to 6,200 from 3,630 by 2012-13. With the help of employers, the province will be training 2,570 more apprentices for the New Brunswick workforce.

Doherty told the graduates, their families, employer groups and organized labour that New Brunswick has one of the best apprenticeship systems in Canada.

"The apprenticeship program must have the flexibility to meet the current and future needs of our province and it must maintain the confidence of stakeholders," Doherty said. "Our government wants to remove barriers to ensure that appropriate training exists to meet industry requirements."

An apprenticeship program consists of workplace training and technical instruction which culminates in recognized certification. Workplace training is carried out at the employer's place of business, where the apprentice performs tasks under the supervision of a journeyperson. The required hours of training for each occupation or trade are defined by regulation under the Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification Act. Qualified instructors provide the technical training, which usually takes place at one of the 11 New Brunswick community college campuses.

Upon successful completion of a final examination, and after meeting all other requirements of the apprenticeship agreement, the apprentice is issued a diploma of apprenticeship and a certificate of qualification, both signifying journeyperson status.

Doherty also recognized employers and labour organizations for providing the majority of the practical training, and for making an enormous contribution to the success of apprentices and the shared goal of reaching self-sufficiency.

"Apprenticeship training is a gateway to many well-paid and exciting careers in the skilled trades," Doherty said. "The possibilities are enormous, and I urge more New Brunswickers to explore these opportunities."

For more information on apprenticeship and certification, visit the Apprenticeship and Certification website, or visit your local Apprenticeship and Certification office.


EDITOR'S NOTE: A list of the 2008 graduates follows. MEDIA CONTACT: Andrew Holland, communications, Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour, 506-444-5655.

Journeyperson class of 2008Automotive service technician

Jody Beaver

Duane Carr

Joseph King

Darren MacDonald

Denny McLaughlin

Joseph McLaughlin

Joshua Nevers

Robert Sharpe

Kyle White


Michael Anderson

Craig Ball

Derek Boudreau

James Conroy

Michael Dickey

Adam Gillett

Benjamin Gould

Eric Griffin

Tavis Griffin

Jean-Marc Guimond

Todd Hoben

Billy Kitchen

Leslie Moorcroft

Corey Morgan

Darren Parker

Alex Rose

Jason Russon

Patrick Thebeau

Walter Thompson

Computerized numerical control machinist

Lisa Cusack

Construction electrician

Aleksander Askanas

Jason Baggs

Andrew Biggs

David Britton

Sean Doherty

Jeremy Doran

Randolph Eddy

Zachariah Eldridge

Lee Forsythe

Scott Gordon

Adam Hachey

Lyndon Howe

Edwin Long

Julian Nevers

Peter Pugh

Troy Rickard

Devin Thorne

Trevor Wells


Phillip Carnall

Loren Garrett

Courtney Langford

Joel Northorp

Jung min Park

Distribution system operator

Joseph Creamer

Christopher Roussell

Electric mechanic (electric utility)

Michael McKay

Heavy equipment service technician

Josh Carson

Industrial electrician

Charles Duke

Timothy Maskell

Graham Moss

Steven O'Toole

Industrial mechanic (millwright)

Christopher Arsenault

Michael Galipeau

Mobile hoisting equipment operator

Nathan Bradley

Peter Crawford

Christopher Hall

Oil burner mechanic

Wesley Spencer


David Annis

Mark Arsenault

Allison Atwin

Wesley Brown

Todd Casey

Michael Chapman

Jason Kranendonk

Trent MacDonald

Troy McKeen

Matthew Phillips

Joseph Seward

Warren Toole

Andrew Trecartin

Arthur Wood

Power engineer (2nd class)

John Carney

Eldon Hicks

Darren Johnston

Philip MacFarlane

Donald Perry

Jeffrey Prosser

Ben Robinson

Michael Underhill

Powerline technician

Robert Buchanan

Mark Mitton

Powerline technician and mobile hoisting equipment operator

Joey Basque

Nicholas Buchanan

William Flowers

Luc LeBlanc

Wade MacPherson

Daniel Richard

Refrigeration and air conditioning mechanic

Jeremy Cook

Sheet metal worker

Harry Campbell

Glen Mitchell

Samuel Pollock

Sprinkler system installer

Dana Cole


Ian Aasen

Michael Aubie

Brent Crealock

Donald Drapeau

Geoffrey Hatt

Kevin Humble

Lynne LeBlanc

René Lirette

Denis Michaud

Paul Richard

Douglas Russell

Terrance Spence

Switchboard operator

Gaetan McIntyre

Truck and transport service technician

Daniel Bourque

Daniel Holmes

Harley Petersen

Michael Pinto

Donald Shorrock

Adam Viger


Evan Brewer

Duane Carr

Justin Noble

Matthew Racette