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CCNB-Bathurst students receive awards and bursaries (08/10/10)

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Oct. 10, 2008

BATHURST (CNB) - Three winners of a Wage Gap Action Plan Scholarship and 12 recipients of a bursary for women pursuing careers in technology were acknowledged today by Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour Minister Ed Doherty when he visited the Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick (CCNB) in Bathurst. The awards funding totalled more than $23,000.


"These scholarships and bursaries reflect our commitment in the The Action Plan to Transform Post-Secondary Education in New Brunswick to increase accessibility to post-secondary education, and to provide men and women the opportunity to explore training in non-traditional fields," said Doherty. "By encouraging more students to be engaged in trades and technology, we can better meet future challenges in the labour market and prepare for projects such as the development of New Brunswick's Energy Hub."

The one-year, $1,300 bursaries are aimed at encouraging more women to enter various technology sectors, while the scholarships were established to encourage men and women to examine non-traditional careers. Each scholarship has a maximum value of $2,600, equivalent to a one-year full tuition at CCNB and the New Brunswick Community College (NBCC).

"The Wage Gap Action Plan Scholarship is an innovative way for young New Brunswickers to explore career opportunities in professions where their gender has not traditionally taken part," said Minister responsible for the Status of Women Mary Schryer. "Scholarships such as this promote greater diversity in our provincial workforce. A more diverse workforce will be key to eliminating the wage gap and creating the self-sufficient province we all seek."

For more information about the programs at CCNB-Campus de Bathurst, as well as details on the Wage Gap Action Plan Scholarship, visit the CCNB website.


EDITOR'S NOTE: A list of scholarship and bursary recipients follows. MEDIA CONTACT: Elaine Bell, Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour, 506-453-2568; Elizabeth Joubert, Communications New Brunswick, 506-444-3207.

Wage Gap Action Plan Scholarship recipients

Josée Boudreault (welding)

Danielle Clément (structural engineering)

Cindy Fournier (welding)

Bursary recipients

Mélanie Comeau (computer programming technology)

Awa Doumbia (electronic engineering)

Karine Duclos (structural engineering)

Valérie Guitard (computer programming technology)

Sophie Lagacé (electronic engineering)

Isabelle Léonard (electronic engineering)

Mandy McIntyre (instrumentation technology)

Marie-Josée Paquet (computer programming technology)

Manon Richard (structural engineering)

Ginette Robichaud (structural engineering)