Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour

Minister's message / Literacy Day in New Brunswick (09/04/15)

NB 501

April 15, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The following statement is issued by Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour Minister Donald Arseneault on the occasion of Literacy Day in New Brunswick, Wednesday, April 15:

The need for literacy exists in the everyday lives of New Brunswickers. Literacy has an important impact on the economy and society.

In recognition of Literacy Day and our efforts to address the need for improved literacy in our province, the government will take part in a New Brunswick literacy summit today in Fredericton.

Organized by La Fédération d'alphabétisation du N.-B. and the Literacy Coalition of NB, the summit will serve as an open forum and catalyst in determining what further actions are needed to address the need for improved literacy in this province.

The government will also be taking time to honour New Brunswickers who have improved literacy for themselves and their province.

As we move forward toward our goal of self-sufficiency, we must reach out to New Brunswickers young and old to ensure that we are working our hardest to promote literacy for everyone. Literacy encourages civic engagement and promotes our equity and rights as individuals living in New Brunswick.

Working with literacy stakeholders, the government is developing a strategy to guide adult literacy activities. Once finalized, an action plan including targets to improve literacy will be developed to guide implementation in the fall.

Co-operation with our communities and organizations also help make literacy a reality for many New Brunswickers. Our literacy teachers, volunteers and employers all make significant contributions to help us on our path to enhancing literacy in New Brunswick.

Our community-based literacy initiatives including community adult learning centres and Laubach Literacy New Brunswick's one-on-one tutoring services, provide opportunities for adults to improve their literacy skills. This year, we will be increasing the number of classes based on the needs of different areas, allowing the centres to provide essential literacy training to more New Brunswickers.

The government will also be significantly expanding the Workplace Essential Skills (WES) program to help employable and employed adults attain the literacy and essential skills they need in the workforce.

Together we can work to reach our goal of having the most educated and literate province in Canada.