Post-Secondary Education, Traing and Labour

Record success rate for apprentices (09/07/27)

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July 27, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - Apprentices in skilled trades have achieved an unprecedented success rate on the Interprovincial (Red Seal) Standards Program examination.


Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour Minister Donald Arseneault made the announcement today.

"In 2009, 84 per cent of apprentices writing the Red Seal examination have passed and received certification as journeypersons, compared to 78 per cent last year and the low-60s 10 years ago," said Arseneault. "This is good news and a sure sign of the high quality of the New Brunswick Apprenticeship Program."

Apprenticeship is a post secondary program that comprises two components: workplace training and technical training. Workplace training takes place with more than 1,250 employers in all regions of New Brunswick. The Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour, through its Apprenticeship and Certification branch, monitors workplace training by visiting worksites periodically.

Technical training is offered under contract by the New Brunswick Community College across the province. Apprentices attend technical training three to five times during the program to acquire the theoretical content of the trade in which they are registered.

"During the last six to seven years, major changes have been made to the training delivery model, ensuring apprentices cover the scope of the occupation in the workplace," Arseneault said. "These changes have contributed to the success rate for apprentices and trade qualifiers alike."

The Interprovincial (Red Seal) Standards Program is a Pan-Canadian program. When a journeyperson is issued a certificate by a Canadian jurisdiction with the Red Seal, all Canadian jurisdictions recognize that certification and allow the journeyperson to work in that jurisdiction.

"I wish to recognize the contribution of all employers who participate in the training of apprentices," said Arseneault. "This improved success rate could not have been possible without them."


MEDIA CONTACT: Marie-Josée Groulx, communications, Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour, 506-444-3465.