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Edmundston post-secondary institutions receive $38 million (09/09/02)

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Sept. 2, 2009

EDMUNDSTON (CNB) - The federal and provincial governments are investing $38 million in post-secondary institutions in Edmundston. The announcement was made by Premier Shawn Graham and Sen. Percy Mockler.


The investments consist of:

"Today we are honouring the commitment of the Charter for Change, by giving New Brunswick students more seats and more choices at CCNB campuses," said Graham. "By building a new CCNB campus next to the Université de Moncton, Edmundston campus, we are moving ahead with our plan, Be Inspired. Be Ready. Be Better. The action plan to transform post-secondary education in New Brunswick, and we are creating an important synergy for the academic and economic communities."

This announcement was made in conjunction with KIP, under which New Brunswick will receive $49 million. Of this amount, $36.8 million will be divided among the universities, and $12.25 million will go to the CCNB / New Brunswick Community College (NBCC). This funding completes the province's commitment to inject $80 million into universities and $100 million into the NBCC / CCNB.

"In these times of economic uncertainty, the Government of Canada is making a major contribution through KIP to stimulate economic activity," said Mockler. "This initiative, designed to renew college and university infrastructure in Canada, will create a significant short-term economic stimulus and many jobs, while at the same time strengthening Canada's position as a world leader in science and technology, and that will benefit all Canadians."

Mockler was speaking on behalf of federal Industry Minister Tony Clement.

"This funding proves that our government recognizes the importance of investing in future generations now," said Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour Minister Donald Arseneault. "KIP makes it possible to create effective partnerships between the federal and provincial governments while renewing and rebuilding a stronger economy for the province and the country."

"The investments by the Province of New Brunswick and the federal government to improve the teaching and research infrastructure of our institutions constitute an excellent decision, which will benefit not only the Université of Moncton and the CCNB but also the entire population of northwestern New Brunswick," said Yvon Fontaine, president of the university.


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