Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour

Government to make additional investments in community colleges, universities (10/01/20)

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Jan. 20, 2010

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The provincial government will make additional investments in community college and university infrastructure while continuing to make post-secondary education more affordable and accessible.

Post-Secondary Education Training and Labour Minister Donald Arseneault outlined these plans today when he released the department's budget estimates for 2010-11.

The department will spend $672.2 million in both capital and operational budgets, including:

"These estimates outline significant investments that continue to support the provincial government's vision of a self-sufficient New Brunswick, while encouraging education and work opportunities for all," said Arseneault. "By making further investments, we are moving forward with the Be inspired. Be ready. Be better. Action Plan to Transform Post-Secondary Education and keeping the province on the road to self-sufficiency."

Student focus

The department is undertaking initiatives to make post-secondary education more affordable and to increase participation:


Community colleges

This year's budget includes the second half of a two-year investment of $121.6 million in community college infrastructure.


Arseneault said the department's commitment to help ensure equal treatment in the workplace will be maintained through: the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission, continuing enforcement of employment standards, mediation efforts provided by the industrial relations branch, and the Office of Workers' Advocates and the Employers' Advocates.

"I believe in this province and in the universal importance of quality education, skills development, and successful employment strategies and practices," said Arseneault. "The provincial government and department will continue to work hard to ensure a brighter, more educated future for New Brunswickers."


MEDIA CONTACT: Lori-Jean Johnson, communications, Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour, 506-476-0542.