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Province invests $870,000 for new immigrants (08/10/15)

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Oct 15, 2008

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The provincial government will invest $870,000 to help immigrants become integrated and be successful in New Brunswick. Minister of Business New Brunswick Greg Byrne, who is also minister responsible for the population growth secretariat, made the announcement today, prior to the annual general meeting of the Multicultural Association of Fredericton.


The funding is the largest provincial investment in multicultural and settlement programs to date.

"In our population growth strategy we committed to initiatives that will help New Brunswick be more welcoming, so that when we attract immigrants, they stay," Byrne said. "Today, we have made a clear investment in our province's multicultural community by delivering funding for organizations to provide settlement services and undertake special projects which will help immigrants be successful in New Brunswick."

The funding will significantly increase support for settlement services and multiculturalism, key pillars of the population growth strategy, which is integral to the government's plan to achieve self-sufficiency by 2026.

The funding will be available in two categories: community capacity settlement funding, and settlement and multiculturalism services funding.

Community capacity settlement funding is designed to help start-up or existing service-providing organizations to significantly increase and enhance their ability to deliver service in their respective regions. This funding will help them develop strong infrastructure, as well as provide access to training and resources in such areas as financial management and planning, project management, and board governance.

Funding examples under this category include:

Settlement and multiculturalism services funding is designed to assist organizations in carrying out special projects or programs that will benefit the community by delivering needed services to newcomers. These projects would be designed to run for a finite period, and could be considered for multi-year funding. They might be targeted toward specific groups of newcomers, such as women or youth.

Funding examples under this category include:

"Our goal with this funding is to enable the organizations that work diligently to promote multiculturalism, and which help immigrants settle in our province, offer a one-stop-shop approach, where immigrants can have access to employment counselling, language training, orientation, and mentorship services," Byrne said.

For more information on the immigrant settlement support funding, funding guidelines, or how to apply, visit www.gnb.ca/population.


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