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Youth Engagement Funding Program to fund 20 organizations (09/04/08)

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April 8, 2008

FREDERICTON (CNB) - Programs and initiatives encouraging young people to be more engaged in their communities will be supported by $357,700 in funding to 20 organizations through the Population Growth Secretariat's Youth Engagement Funding Program.

Minister of Business New Brunswick Greg Byrne, who is also minister responsible for the population growth secretariat, made the announcement today.

Byrne said that the provincial government decided to contribute an additional $43,700, and use $114,000 in funding from the federal/provincial Labour Market Development Agreement in order to increase the $200,000 fund by $157,700.

"We have received so many excellent proposals that we made the decision to increase our $200,000 fund to $357,700 so that we could ensure these innovative projects got the funding they required to be successful," said Byrne. "The proposals clearly show the public's strong desire to engage young New Brunswickers and promote opportunities for youth in our province."

The organizations receiving funding include:

The funding may be used for youth engagement initiatives for those aged between 15 and 35; for youth-driven community engagement initiatives; and for efforts to increase the awareness of opportunities for youth in New Brunswick.

"The Youth Engagement Funding Program was a commitment made in our population growth strategy to strengthen community capacity-building efforts," said Byrne. "The fund was developed to increase the capacity of youth and communities to co-ordinate local projects and initiatives that will help keep young people in New Brunswick, and help them be part of our self-sufficiency."

Where possible, the 2008-09 funding priorities were aligned with the priorities identified by youth participating in the 2008 Big Splash youth summit, Here Today, Here to Stay!

A call for proposals was posted on the Population Growth Secretariat's website, and electronic notices were distributed to municipalities, youth networks, and numerous community stakeholder organizations.

An interdepartmental committee was created to review and evaluate project proposals based on a standardized rating scale, and to make recommendations on funding approvals.


EDITOR'S NOTE: A detailed list of funded projects follows. MEDIA CONTACT: Brendan Langille, Communications New Brunswick, 506-471-3264.

Projects funded under the Youth Engagement Funding Program

21 Inc., Fredericton ($40,000)

This program was founded in 2007 by and for young people. It targets emerging young leaders aged 20-35, from diverse sectors and backgrounds. Funds will help implement the enhanced and expanded 21 Leaders Program. After a call for applications, 50 of New Brunswick's most promising young people will attend a leadership summit, from which 21 future leaders will be selected to participate in working conferences around the province, a provincial study tour, and engage with some of New Brunswick's top leaders.

Partners for Youth, Fredericton ($40,000)

This project is designed help youth create links with their communities, and with other youth across the province. Grade 11 students will be encouraged to establish youth cabinets in their communities. The project will be delivered by the youth involved, and supported by Partners for Youth. Youth-led consultations will be conducted with members of the community to identify and choose a project to mobilize youth and the community on the issue of youth retention. Large youth cabinet meetings will be co-ordinated to share projects and create networks throughout the province. A mentoring component will also be established to support younger youth in subsequent years of the project.

New Brunswick Environmental Network (NBEN), Waterford ($30,000)

NBEN will establish and support six regional forums. Youth will be active participants in making their communities better and more attractive places to live, work and play. This initiative will support youth involvement in environmental issues through capacity-building and the maintenance of a provincial network of youth environmental groups. Mentorships will also be established and maintained between community and youth groups, between older and younger youth.

Fusion Saint John Inc., Saint John ($25,000)

Fusion Saint John Inc. is a networking group for young, active, civic-minded Saint John residents who have a clear vision of Saint John's future as a great place to live, work and play. This initiative gives youth a forum by which they can be meaningfully engaged in public discussions concerning future developments in their community. In the long term, youth will benefit by building the capacity required for them to take on increasing leadership roles in their communities. Funds will go toward creating a model and accompanying resource materials to implement Fusion Saint John Inc.'s concept in other major, urban provincial centres.

Enterprise Péninsule, Tracadie-Sheila ($25,000)

This project follows up on the recommendations of Rendez-vous Jeunesse 2007, as well as community needs. In the wake of several discussions and meetings with partners and young people from the community, three points emerged: research and development, in order to enhance different youth initiative activities; communication of the different activities and initiatives; and dialogue to ensure that all regions of the Acadian Peninsula work together.

Enterprise Kent, Bouctouche ($25,000)

Funds will go toward the implementation of the Kent Region Youth Action Plan, Leading the Way Today. The main goal is to build youth engagement and leadership capacity. A critical step will be to establish a co-ordination mechanism that mobilizes all the necessary resources needed to bring together ideal conditions and development tools to help young people reach their full potential in the Kent Region.

The Resource Centre for Youth, Saint John ($12,500)

This initiative will provide mentoring resources and expertise to mobilize youth in three vulnerable neighbourhoods to form a youth advisory council, which will help adults and community partners develop programs, services and activities which are youth-focused. It will also promote awareness of community services and groups to youth, and create linkages for them.

Saint John Community Loan Fund, Saint John ($12,500)

The goal of YES (Youth + Entrepreneurship = Success) program is to mobilize youth and enhance community capacity through entrepreneurship. A young person will be identified as a neighbourhood co-ordinator, will develop and present activities in a priority neighbourhood, and engage business owners and partners as mentors. Training and support will be provided to students in a priority neighbourhood so that they can develop an individual or collective enterprise in the community.

Chipman Youth Broadcasting Program (Village of Chipman) ($15,000)

This initiative is a youth-led broadcasting station, staffed entirely by young people between 15 and 24. They will be responsible for researching broadcasting topics, writing and production, editing and hosting. The format will be taped and live television programming of community events, municipal government activities, local and provincial news stories, and other youth-generated topics. School events such as graduations, sports and fundraisers will also be broadcast. The goals are to provide a voice for youth and provide a vehicle for them to become meaningfully engaged in their community.

Quoddy Futures Foundation, Dufferin ($15,000)

This project was developed by youth between 25 and 36, to engage peers through a series of workshops designed to instil a sense of belonging, increase capacity to explore various local careers and entrepreneurial opportunities, and increase involvement in community projects. Participants will be led by mentors and/or peers to discover new things about their community, nature and potential sustainable entrepreneurship opportunities.

Elsipogtog First Nation Wellness Inc., Elsipogtog ($12,500)

This project was developed by young people and builds on consultations held in the community in 2007. It will serve youth at risk and those who have a promising future but need the experience, discipline and resources to develop skills so that they can make a clear choice to remain in their community, with the possibility of future employment. This program will see the development of training and work experience for youth, and in the long term, participants will gain improved life skills in such areas as problem-solving, planning, decision-making and relationships.

Réseau des Complexes Jeunesse Multifonctionnels Inc. , Tracadie-Sheila ($21,500)

This program seeks to empower young leaders to act on their environment through community-based actions. The leaders will participate in a program consisting of three major components: leadership, networking, and organizational planning. The participants will benefit from the opportunity to jointly carry out a concrete initiative aimed at enhancing the quality of life of young people in their community.

Falls Brook Centre, Knowlesville ($12,500)

Led by and for youth, this project aims to inspire and empower young people to build the tools they need to live in healthy and sustainable communities. Specific activities will include an online forum and networking site for local youth; community vision workshops; skills and trades workshops where youth will have the chance to explore jobs of the future, such as renewable energy systems; and the development of a compendium of resources focused on building more collaborative and co-operative communities. The outcome of this project will be a more resourceful and resilient local community that can demonstrate that rural living is a viable lifestyle, and that New Brunswick is an attractive place to be.

Conseil de Développement Culturel Chaleur, Madran ($12,500)

This project will offer opportunities for training, creation, and the management and production of cultural activities for youth in the Chaleur region. Its aim is to develop, through arts and culture, a sense of belonging among youth. The activities will be organized by and for young people, and will help to expand their knowledge, promote personal development, and familiarize them with the management of community arts and cultural activities.

Miramichi Advisory Committee on Youth, Miramichi ($12,500)

The goal of this project is to demonstrate how youth can become actively involved in their communities through technology. The project will help engage more youth in the political process, economic development and global promotion of Miramichi and other New Brunswick communities. One of the long term goals is to become a model for other communities on how to engage youth and provide motivation for youth to remain in their communities.

Collectivité ingénieuse de la Péninsule acadienne (CIPA) inc., Paquetville ($12,500)

Students at four Acadian Peninsula high schools will work together, with the community's support, in order to design and administer an adapted web environment with content that will seek to encourage the development of community roots among all Acadian Peninsula youth.

Caledonia Action Team (Bennett and Albert Health Care Foundation Inc.) ($15,000)

The Caledonia Action Team is a group of 32 youth from grades 8 to 11, and represents the communities of Hillsborough, Riverside-Albert, and Alma, as well as the surrounding rural areas. Youth will operate a movie theatre to raise revenue to help plan and organize other community events to bring the community together. Future plans involve raising funds for the development of a youth leadership training program. This project will be supported by adult volunteers, in order to build community and get more youth involved.

Town of Riverview, Riverview ($8,000)

This project will see the creation of a mayor's youth advisory council, a group of youth representing various youth agencies and organizations; to meet monthly to discuss ongoing issues in the community and provide feedback to town representatives; goal of the Council is to strengthen and provide a voice for youth in the community.

Jeunesse Restigouche Youth, Campbellton ($6,500)

This project will enable young people to discover the advantages of living and working in the Restigouche region, and encourage them to get involved in their communities. A forum will be organized to inform them about career opportunities in the area, organizational succession needs, community participation, the advantages of living in the Restigouche region, the importance of obtaining post-secondary education, and opportunities for returning to live in the region where they were born.

Enterprise Restigouche, Campbellton ($4,200)

This project is designed to organize consultation and awareness sessions in each Restigouche high school. It involves a computer-mediated discussion between Enterprise Restigouche and the youth in each school's leadership courses. The project will provide the students with information about the region and the services available, and they will be able to indicate their needs, their perceptions, and their reasons for leaving for other towns and cities.