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Governments invest in rural infrastructure (09/02/27)

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Feb. 27, 2009

MCADAM (CNB) - Federal, provincial and municipal governments have joined forces to help New Brunswick communities meet their infrastructure needs with a combined $57.3-million investment in 32 community infrastructure projects.


Premier Shawn Graham and Greg Thompson, minister of veterans affairs and MP for New Brunswick Southwest, made the announcement today.

"These investments will help ensure that New Brunswick communities have quality infrastructure to protect residents' health and wellness," said Graham. "Ensuring that we have strong infrastructure is vital in order for New Brunswick to remain positioned to be self-sufficient."

The projects will help stimulate local economies and support continued economic growth and environmental protection. Funding is provided under the communities component of the Building Canada plan.

"Today's investments in New Brunswick will create jobs during these tough economic times," said Thompson. "These important projects will improve our quality of life, as well as help to boost our regional economy now and for years to come."

Funded projects include:

The federal and provincial governments are providing up to two-thirds of the funding for eligible project costs across New Brunswick, with local governments covering the remainder. Federal and provincial contributions for this investment total $38.2 million.

The two governments have also taken steps to begin construction and to provide funding more quickly for targeted infrastructure projects in New Brunswick for the 2009 and 2010 construction seasons.

Details of the remaining 28 projects will be made in coming weeks. Funding for the projects is contingent upon completion of all contractual agreements, including pending environmental impact assessments with municipalities.

The call for proposals for the second round funding under the communities component of the Building Canada plan will be made soon. More information on the Building Canada plan may be found online.


MEDIA CONTACTS: Bruce Macfarlane, managing director, Communications New Brunswick, 506-444-4606; Richard Roik, director of communications, Office of the Minister of Veterans Affairs, 613-996-4649.