Office of the Premier

Premier's message on the death of Master Cpl. Charles-Philippe Michaud (09/07/06)

NB 954

July 6, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The following statement on the death of Master Cpl. Charles-Philippe Michaud of Edmundston was issued today by Premier Shawn Graham.

We were greatly saddened to learn yesterday evening of the death of Master Cpl. Charles-Philippe Michaud, originally from Edmundston, who was deputy commanding officer of a section within the tactical group of the 2nd Battalion, Royal 22nd Regiment, based at Valcartier, Quebec. This young soldier was 28 years old when he died after stepping on a mine while serving with the Canadian mission in Afghanistan.

The loss of a soldier is heartbreaking, but the loss of a soldier from New Brunswick affects us even more. This young man took immense pride in protecting our country, and that is why this loss saddens me deeply.

As Premier, I wish to offer the sincere condolences of all New Brunswickers to the family of Master Cpl. Charles-Philippe Michaud for their great loss.

This soldier gave his life in the pursuit of peace and security for the people of Kandahar District and all of Afghanistan so that they might begin to enjoy lives free from war, fear, and intimidation.

We honour all our soldiers, and we share the pride of their families, their friends, and their colleagues here in New Brunswick and across Canada in their valiant participation in this important mission.