Office of the Premier

Premier's message in honour of National Acadian Day (09/08/12)

NB 1108

Aug. 12, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The following message was issued today by Premier Shawn Graham on the occasion of National Acadian Day, Saturday, Aug. 15:

On this Aug. 15, Acadia celebrates what makes it unique and proud: a rich cultural heritage; a history that can serve as an example to us all; and its unfailing determination.

Acadia is helping more than ever to make New Brunswick a model of cultural diversity and openness. Acadia is a major player within Canada and the Francophonie.

This year, the national holiday takes on special significance as the Acadian Peninsula hosts the World Acadian Congress. The great Acadian family has come together from far and wide to join in the celebrations.

Acadia can take pride in its vitality, its know-how and its unmatched hospitality. These days it is showing us that we in New Brunswick can be proud of our roots and can be steadfastly forward-looking.

Happy National Acadian Day. Happy World Acadian Congress. And long live Acadia!