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Premier announces deputy minister appointment, assignments, retirement (09/09/21)

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Sept. 21, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - One retirement, one new appointment, and two changes of assignment of deputy ministers were announced today by Premier Shawn Graham. These changes are effective Oct. 5.

"I'm very pleased to announce these changes in assignments and one promotion to the ranks of our deputies," said Graham. "Deputy ministers provide the key direction and advice that allows government to function efficiently and effectively for the residents of New Brunswick we all serve. I'm certain that they will excel in their new positions and provide the leadership we need to continue with our work to make our province self-sufficient."

The new deputy minister appointment is Denis Caron, who is appointed president of the Regional Development Corporation.

Caron was previously vice-president of development and special initiatives with the corporation. Born in Campbellton, he has worked in all three levels of government. He worked as a municipal administrator in both Campbellton and Riverview, and as district office manager for the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency in Bathurst. With the province, he served as assistant deputy minister with Business New Brunswick and Intergovernmental Affairs before joining the Regional Development Corporation in 2008.

Two deputy ministers, Bill Lévesque and Phil LePage, will receive new assignments.

Lévesque, who was president of the Regional Development Corporation, becomes deputy minister of Business New Brunswick. He had been serving as vice-president of development and special initiatives with the corporation until he was appointed its president in September 2007.

LePage, acting deputy minister of Business New Brunswick, becomes deputy minister of Natural Resources. He previously served as assistant deputy minister of business development with Business New Brunswick, and has an extensive background in economic development and investment with Business New Brunswick and the Executive Council Office.

The deputy minister retiring from public service is Tom Reid, deputy minister of Natural Resources, who retires after 38 years of public service. Reid previously served as assistant deputy minister of renewable resources with Natural Resources until his appointment as deputy in September 2007.

"I'd like to thank Tom Reid for his many years of dedicated service to public service and the people of New Brunswick, and wish him all the best," said Graham. "Tom has overseen countless developments as a deputy and a senior manager with Natural Resources, which have advanced the programs and services we offer to New Brunswickers."


EDITOR'S NOTE: Following is the complete list of deputy ministers, deputy heads, presidents and chairs of Crown corporations. MEDIA CONTACT: Communications, Office of the Premier, 506-444-2286.

List of deputy ministers, deputy heads, presidents and chairs of Crown corporations (* denotes a change or addition)

Bernard Thériault Chief of Staff Chief of Staff, Office of the Premier
David Ferguson Clerk of the Executive Council and Secretary to Cabinet
Doug Tyler Deputy Minister of Strategic Priorities
Maurice Robichaud Deputy Minister of Communications and Marketing
Yvon LeBlanc Deputy Attorney General and Deputy Minister of Justice
Marc Léger Deputy Minister of Public Safety
John Mallory Deputy Minister of Finance
Louise Lemon Deputy Minister of Supply and Services
David Johnstone Deputy Minister of Transportation
Phil LePage* Deputy Minister of Natural Resources
Jim McKay

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Aquaculture
Deputy Minister of Fisheries

Don Ferguson Deputy Minister of Health
James Hughes Deputy Minister of Social Development
Byron James Deputy Minister of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour
Roger Doucet Deputy Minister of Education (French)
John Kershaw Deputy Minister of Education (English)

Bonny Hoyt-Hallett

Deputy Minister of Environment
Deputy Minister of Local Government

Bill Levesque* Deputy Minister of Business New Brunswick

Ellen Barry

Deputy Minister of Wellness, Culture and Sport
Deputy Minister of Tourism and Parks

Edith Doucet Deputy Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs
Claire LePage Deputy Minister of Energy
Carolyn MacKay Deputy Minister of Human Resources
Patrick Francis Deputy Minister of Aboriginal Affairs
Kim MacPherson Comptroller, Office of the Comptroller
Dana Clendenning President, NB Liquor Corp.
Sylvie Levesque-Finn President, Service New Brunswick
Denis Caron* President, Regional Development Corporation
Elizabeth Weir President and CEO, Efficiency NB
David Hay President, New Brunswick Power Group of Companies
John Sinclair President, New Brunswick Investment Management Corporation
Douglas Stanley President, WorkSafeNB
Roberta Dugas Chair, WorkSafeNB
Ron Gaffney Chair, Appeals Tribunal, WorkSafeNB
David G. Barry Chair and CEO, New Brunswick Securities Commission