Office of the Premier

Premier's Remembrance Day message (09/11/06)

NB 1753

Nov. 6, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The following is a message from Premier Shawn Graham on the occasion of Remembrance Day, Wednesday, Nov. 11.

As we prepare to observe Remembrance Day I am moved by the dedication I see year-in and year-out from our war veterans to the cause of their fellow soldiers, and to preserving the memory of their fallen comrades.

Our veterans of the Second World War and the Korean War are fewer in number each year, but we, as New Brunswickers and Canadians, must join with them in remembering and honouring their legacy and their sacrifices.

The freedoms and lifestyle we often take for granted were seized on the battlefields of Europe and Asia, and in convoys and skirmishes on the oceans of the world. Our Canadian soldiers continue this proud tradition today, serving the cause of freedom and peace in conflict zones and peacekeeping missions throughout the world.

On this Remembrance Day, we should give a special thought to our brave men and women serving in Afghanistan, and for their fellow soldiers who have died over the past year to bring peace and stability to that war-torn land. We stand with them and all members of our Canadian Forces, past and present.

I ask all New Brunswickers to be a part of Remembrance Day ceremonies in their communities, and to wear a poppy to show our commitment to all our brave veterans.