Office of the Premier

Premier receives energy agreement report (10/02/01)

NB 140

Feb. 1, 2010

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The following statement was released today by Premier Shawn Graham:

I thank the independent advisory panel for its thorough analysis of the energy agreement and its impact on New Brunswick and individual homeowners and businesses.

This panel of New Brunswickers freely gave its time to study this complex issue and determine whether the energy agreement is in the best interests of New Brunswickers.

The panel's report includes a variety of very thoughtful recommendations. Therefore, our government will take the necessary time to study the report carefully and offer a formal response once we have fully reviewed its recommendations.

Although our government provided the panel access to all available information on the agreement that it required, the panel's report is an independent analysis of the agreement.

Once again, I thank David Ganong, John McLaughlin, Elizabeth Weir, Allison McCain, Louis LaPierre and Gilles Lepage for their work on this important initiative.