River Watch 2009

River Watch 2009 / Water level advisory (09/04/03)

NB 427

April 3, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The following water level advisory is issued by River Watch 2009 and the Department of Public Safety's New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization on Friday, April 3, 2009.

In response to above-freezing temperatures, snow melt and forecast rain over the next 36 hours, water levels along the Saint John River will rise, promoting the movement of existing ice covers and possible ice-jam formation. Ice is forecast to move into the Simonds/Hartland area on Saturday evening, and into Perth-Andover on Sunday evening. These movements will be monitored.

Along the Nashwaak and Miramichi rivers, forecast rain and snow melt will further deteriorate existing ice covers, and promote ice breakup and movement.

Those living and working along rivers are advised to pay close attention to water level increases and ice movement. Ice jams can form unexpectedly, and flood waters can rise very quickly behind these jams. Residents are advised to know the risks, make a plan, and prepare an emergency kit. Prepare now to help your family be safe.

The next report will be issued on Sunday, April 5.


MEDIA CONTACT: Karl Wilmot, River Watch 2009, 506-453-2133.