River Watch 2009

River Watch 2009 / Ice-jam flooding (09/04/07)

NB 452

April 7, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The following information is issued by River Watch 2009 and the Department of Public Safety's New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization (NB-EMO) on Tuesday, April 7, 2009.

Ice jams are being reported in several regions, causing some localized flooding and a small number of evacuations. Residents are advised to exercise caution, and to pay attention to water-level increases and ice movement.

There are ice jams being reported in the following areas:

An ice jam that formed at Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaska continues to hold water, and some flooding of interval land adjacent to the river is occurring. The jam is not full width of the river. The municipalities of Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaska and Rivière Verte have been advised of the situation, and are on the alert for the possibility of rapid changes. Monitoring is ongoing.

Ice jams at Perth-Andover and Hartland have released after causing flooding in both communities. As a precautionary measure, the Town of Perth-Andover declared a state of local emergency last evening, and evacuated about 240 people from about 100 homes. The ice jam has now moved downstream, and water levels have receded significantly. Families were permitted to return to their homes this morning.

The Perth-Andover Emergency Operations Centre was activated, and local co-ordinators were on-site to assist residents. The provincial Emergency Operations Centre in Fredericton was activated, and NB-EMO staff monitored the conditions, co-ordinated provincial operations, and were prepared to provide assistance.

The ice jam that formed in Riverbend on Sunday, and moved into Hartland Sunday evening, has now formed at Woodstock. The jam does not appear to be restricting significant amounts of water. One report of flooding of a residence has been logged with NB-EMO. Monitoring of this jam and its effects is continuing.

Ice jams that formed at Nashwaak Bridge, Durham Bridge and in Marysville remain in place. At Nashwaak Bridge the jam is holding water, and flooding low-lying areas adjacent to the ice jam. A portion of Route 107 has been washed out at this location. The ice jam previously at Durham Bridge has moved down to Nashwaak Village. This jam is causing no problems at this time. The ice jam at Marysville Bridge extends about one-quarter of a kilometre on either side of the bridge, and is holding water. However, flooding has been confined to a low-lying area adjacent to the jam.

On the southwest Miramichi River system, ice jams have formed in Hayesville and Priceville. These jams have flooded a portion of the Bloomfield Ridge Road, and two families have been voluntarily evacuated from that area. Monitoring of this jam and its effects continues.

An ice jam has been reported on the Restigouche River, affecting the Restigouche River and Wyers Brook roads. Access and travel is limited to four-wheel-drive vehicles only. The Department of Transportation is continuing to monitor these two sites.

Residents are reminded to monitor conditions and to be prepared to be self-sufficient for up to 72 hours in the event of an emergency. Know the risks, make a plan, and keep your family safe.

More information on water levels, cleanup and other self-help advice may be found online at http://www.gnb.ca/riverwatch.


MEDIA CONTACT: Karl Wilmot, New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization,1-506-453-2133.