River Watch 2009

River Watch 2009 / Flood warning (09/04/26)

NB 559

April 26, 2009

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Department of Public Safety's New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization (NB-EMO) gives the following definition of a FLOOD WARNING: Rising water will result in flooding of areas adjacent to identified watercourses. Persons close to these areas must take appropriate measures to protect themselves and their property from flood waters.

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The following flood warning is issued by River Watch 2009 and the Department of Public Safety's New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization (NB-EMO) on Sunday, April 26, 2009:

In response to the forecast temperatures and minimal precipitation over the next three days, river levels are expected to remain high across the province. Some areas remain at or slightly above flood stage.

Generally, water levels are expected to remain steady or slightly decrease in the Edmundston, Fredericton and Maugerville areas, while areas further downstream should see only slight increases over the forecast period.

Persons living or working in low-lying areas subject to open-water flooding should continue to be alert to water level changes in their area.

Areas where flood stages are expected to be met or expected to be exceeded over the forecast period (next two days) include:

Upper St. John River basin


Lower St. John River basin

Fredericton - Sheffield-Lakeville Corner - Jemseg

Water levels for the forecast period are as follows:

Prepare now to help your family be safe.

The next report will be issued on Monday, April 27, 2009.

More information is available at the River Watch 2009 website, www.gnb.ca/riverwatch.


MEDIA CONTACT: NB-EMO River Watch 2009, 506-453-2133.