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New driving rules come into effect June 1 (09/04/28)

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April 28, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - Amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act will soon establish new driving rules for young and new drivers, Public Safety Minister and Solicitor General John W. Foran said today.

"With these changes, we are addressing the inexperience of new drivers, minimizing their risk of collisions, and working toward making New Brunswick highways safer for everyone," Foran said.

As of June 1, all motorists younger than age 21 will be required to maintain a zero-per-cent blood / alcohol content when driving.

This provision will apply to all drivers younger than 21 and will include drivers of motorcycles, cars and commercial vehicles.

It will also apply to residents and visitors, those who have just received their licence, and those who may have been driving for two or three years.

The amendments also include a series of improvements to the graduated driver's licence (GDL) program for new drivers. The new rules will apply to everyone who has not yet completed the GDL program, and they are as follows:

Level 1 licensees (before road test):

Level 2 licensees (after road test):

"These changes will help new drivers become safe drivers for life, by enabling them to gain experience in lower-risk situations," Foran said. "This should reduce their risk of a collision that could result in death or serious injury."

More information is available at the Public Safety website


MEDIA CONTACT: Daniel Lessard, communications, Department of Public Safety, 506-444-5267.