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Vehicle owners reminded to check registration expiry dates (09/05/05)

NB 613

May 5, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - Vehicle owners are reminded to check the expiry date on their vehicle registrations because the Department of Public Safety will no longer send out annual reminders.

"When a car is registered for the year, stickers are placed on the licence plates of the vehicle, and they are clearly marked with the month and year of expiry," said Public Safety Minister and Solicitor General John W. Foran. "Vehicle owners already check their motor vehicle inspection stickers, so we feel it is reasonable that they do the same for their registration stickers."

The initiative is expected to save the department $350,000.

"By eliminating the reminder notice, we can also greatly reduce the amount of paper generated by our department," Foran said. "It is the responsibility of vehicle owners to be aware of their annual expiry dates."

The department will continue to send out reminder notices for driver's licences, which are renewed on the driver's birthday, usually for a four-year period.

New Brunswickers may renew their registrations in person or at any Service New Brunswick centre, toll-free, via SNB TeleServices, 1-888-762-8600; or online,

About 700,000 registrations are issued or renewed annually in the province for passenger vehicles and taxi cabs.


MEDIA CONTACT: Daniel Lessard, communications, Department of Public Safety, 506-453-4433.