Regional Development Corporation

Investment made in Beresford recreation facility (10/04/19)

NB 560

April 19, 2010

BERESFORD (CNB) - The provincial government is investing $225,000 in a new recreational facility for seniors. Education Minister Roland Haché and Beresford Mayor Raoul Charest made the announcement today.

The funding is being used to replace the Club de l'âge d'or Chal-Baie with a new community centre for seniors.

"The Club de l'âge d'or Chal-Baie plays a vital role in the life of the local community," said Haché. "This community project will enable area residents to continue to be active and thrive as we work together to achieve a healthier and more self-sufficient New Brunswick."

Haché was speaking on behalf of Business New Brunswick Minister Victor Boudreau, who is also the minister responsible for the Regional Development Corporation.

"The Town of Beresford is proud to join the provincial and federal governments in the demolition and reconstruction of the Club de l'âge d'or Chal-Baie," said Charest.

The Town of Beresford is also investing $225,000 in the project.


MEDIA CONTACT: Bruce Macfarlane, Regional Development Corporation, 506-444-4606.