Regional Development Corporation

Investment in Lily Lake Pavilion (10/05/25)

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May 25, 2010

SAINT JOHN (CNB) - The provincial government is investing $200,000 in the establishment of an endowment fund at Lily Lake Pavilion in Rockwood Park in Saint John.



Premier Shawn Graham made the announcement today with Supply and Services Minister Ed Doherty, Bill Merrifield, fundraising chair and director of Lily Lake Pavilion Inc., and Robert Capson, chair of the board of Lily Lake Pavilion.

"Our government's investment will ensure this facility continues to play a vital role in the life of the community, and will allow Saint John area residents to continue to be active and thrive as we work together to achieve a healthier and more self-sufficient New Brunswick," said Graham.

The funding is being provided through the Regional Development Corporation. It will be used to establish an endowment fund for the Lily Lake Pavilion, also known as the Franklin W. Hatheway Pavilion, to sustain and improve the pavilion's physical infrastructure.

"We are very grateful for the vision expressed by the provincial government for our long term needs," said Merrifield. "A great many people, beginning with the late Wallace MacMurray, have moved heaven and earth to rebuild the Lily Lake Pavilion to revisit its golden years as an iconic presence in the community. Today, thanks to all these efforts, the jewel in Rockwood Park is brilliant and through the dedication of its general manager, staff and board of directors, will forge ahead to provide excellent experiences in Rockwood Park for our local population and visitors alike."

The pavilion has been an historic landmark in the city for more than a century. With recent upgrades to Rockwood Park, the pavilion is being revitalized and this summer will be available to visiting tourists staying at the Rockwood Park campground, cruise ship passengers and the local community.


MEDIA CONTACT: Bruce Macfarlane, Regional Development Corporation, 506-444-4606.