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Parents get new guide to help youth make smart money choices (09/10/14)

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Oct. 14, 2009

SAINT JOHN (CNB) - A financial literacy program focusing on helping parents and teachers talk to youth about financial matters was released today by the New Brunswick Securities Commission (NBSC). Make it Count: A Parent's Guide to Youth Money Management, shows parents and teachers how to model and teach behaviour that will encourage the development of healthy financial habits.

The guide, available on-line and in print, provides parents and teachers with tools, activities and tips to help youth develop a responsible money management lifestyle. The program helps parents build teaching into every day family activities, and provides teachers with lesson plans for classroom activities.

The Make It Count interactive website engages parents and youth, and teaches responsible budgeting, saving and debit card use. It also gives parents ideas on how to discuss smart money decisions with their children.

"We know that talking about money is considered uncomfortable by parents and boring by kids," said Rick Hancox, executive director of the NBSC. "This program helps engage youth in the discussion. We believe that responsible financial management habits learned at an early age will carry on into adulthood."

Recently released results from the 2009 Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) Investor Index show that a majority of parents claim to be at least somewhat confident in their ability to teach their children about personal finances and investing.

Hancox said that even though 80 per cent of parents agree that it is important to pass along personal experiences and insights to children, and that teaching children financial skills is among the most important things parents can do for their child, 59 per cent of New Brunswickers have not taught their children about personal finance. The Make it Count program gives parents ideas and simple activities to help them do just that.

The Make it Count program was successfully introduced in Manitoba in early 2009, and the CSA, of which the NBSC is a member, is working to make the program available across Canada.

New Brunswick parents, youth mentors and teachers may download a free copy of the Make it Count guide from, and use the online tools in English or in French. A printed copy may also be obtained by contacting the New Brunswick Securities Commission, by telephone at 1-866-933-2222 or by e-mail at

The New Brunswick Securities Commission is the Crown corporation that regulates the securities industry in New Brunswick. It is funded indirectly by investors through industry. Its mandate is to protect investors from unfair, improper or fraudulent practices, and to foster fair and efficient capital markets, as well as confidence in those markets.


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