New Brunswick Securities Commission

Bradley Andrew Murray banned from trading in securities (10/01/15)

NB 48

Jan. 15, 2010

SAINT JOHN (CNB) - A panel of the New Brunswick Securities Commission (NBSC) has issued an order banning Bradley Andrew Murray of Moncton from trading in securities in New Brunswick for 10 years.

This order follows the conclusion of an RCMP investigation, in which Murray was accused of selling shares in his lighting company in a manner that constituted fraud. He was convicted of fraud of more than $5,000 by the criminal court system, and he has served two years in prison. This case involved a single investor who lost more than $100,000.

The hearing held on Nov. 24, 2009, resulted in an order that banned Murray from becoming or acting as a director or officer of any issuer, registrant or mutual fund manager, except with respect to a company that is wholly-owned by him, for 10 years.

"One of the best ways to protect against fraud is for the investor to ask questions about the investment and be critical," said Rick Hancox, NBSC executive director. "Investors should understand exactly how they will get their money back and the risks associated with the investment before handing over their hard-earned money."

Hancox recommended that investors gather information from different sources, maintain a healthy level of skepticism when reading terms of the agreement or any marketing material, and get a second opinion from a trusted professional. Investors may check with the NBSC to confirm the registration or possible exemption of the individual and firm offering the investment; and to determine if any past disciplinary action has occurred.

As the provincial securities regulator, the NBSC provides access to free, impartial resources and tools for New Brunswickers. For more information on doing background checks, visit the website or call 1-866-933-2222.

The NBSC is the Crown Corporation that regulates the securities industry in New Brunswick. It is funded indirectly by investors through industry. Its mandate is to protect investors from unfair, improper or fraudulent practices and foster fair and efficient capital markets, as well as confidence in those markets.


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