Senior and Healthy Aging Secretariat

Counselling and outreach services to be provided to disabled seniors (09/10/22)

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Oct. 22, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - The province and the Canadian Paraplegic Association (NB) Inc. have entered into an agreement to enhance rehabilitation counselling and outreach services to seniors with mobility-related conditions.

Minister of State for Seniors Brian Kenny made the announcement today during Active Living Week for Seniors in New Brunswick.

"Many seniors deal with mobility-related issues as they grow older," said Kenny. "They may have fallen or developed a medical condition causing a disability, but they want to continue to be independent and involved in their communities. Our partnership with the Canadian Paraplegic Association will provide these seniors with the services they need to overcome barriers to active living so that they can avoid entering long-term care."

The Senior and Healthy Aging Secretariat is providing $50,000 to help fund the project.

This agreement will make it possible to increase services in Moncton, Bathurst, the Acadian Peninsula, Miramichi, and especially rural areas. The Canadian Paraplegic Association (NB) Inc. will deliver rehabilitation counselling and outreach services to help seniors get access to funding programs, community-based health services, transportation, housing, recreation and leisure activities, volunteer work, and network with other seniors facing similar challenges.

"Our counsellors will be meeting with seniors in their homes to help them identify their needs and goals," said Haley Flaro, executive director for the Canadian Paraplegic Association (NB) Inc. "We are renowned for our outreach approach. For more than 50 years we have helped people with mobility-related conditions reach their potential so that they can achieve independence, self-reliance and full community participation. Our service delivery is based on a client-centred model, and focuses on the achievement of quality of life goals."

Flaro said that because of the province's aging population, her organization has received an increase in referrals from seniors. More than 34,000 Brunswick seniors are dealing with mobility-related conditions.

"Historically, we have provided services primarily to young adults and adults," said Flaro. "The significant increase in seniors being referred to us necessitated a look at a project specifically for them."


MEDIA CONTACT: Judy Cole, communications, Senior and Healthy Aging Secretariat, 506-444-3522; Haley Flaro, executive director, Canadian Paraplegic Association (NB) Inc., 506-462-9555.