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Design standards for nursing home projects (10/03/25)

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March 25, 2010

FREDERICTON (CNB) - A set of design standards has been established for all new nursing home projects constructed under the province's $400-million capital renewal and replacement plan. The standards were announced by the Department of Social Development and the Department of Supply and Services.

"We are moving away from an institutional setting toward a 'home away from home' concept for nursing homes," said Minister of State for Seniors Brian Kenny. "All new homes are to be modern, energy efficient, durable, spacious, comfortable, bright, wheelchair accessible, and safe for both residents and staff. They will offer more privacy to residents as well as more opportunities for group activities, socialization and relationship building, while following a family-focused philosophy of care."

Characteristics of the building design standards include:

A complete description of the new design standards for nursing homes is online.

The design standards were completed following consultations with nursing home operators and a review of design standards from other jurisdictions. Input was also received from the architectural industry and from departmental staff who have experience in construction projects.

All nursing homes announced in the government's capital renewal and replacement plan will follow the standardized design and construction management model. This will save time and design costs.

The Department of Supply and Services will serve as an agent for the Department of Social Development and will provide technical-support, review project submissions, and monitor building and renovation work. Nursing homes will select their own architects for individual projects and will be involved in the construction process.

"We are pleased to see these standards implemented as we work to develop high quality nursing homes for our seniors," said Supply and Services Minister Ed Doherty. "We look forward to carrying out the new design, which receiving valuable input from our nursing homes in the process."

Under the new capital renewal renovation and replacement plan, two new nursing homes will be built and 11 will be replaced over the next five years. Five nursing homes will undergo major additions. When complete, 297 new nursing home beds will have been created around the province. This will be in addition to the 403 new beds already created since 2006.


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