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BizPaL now available for Edmundston, Fredericton businesses (08/12/02)

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Dec. 2, 2008

FREDERICTON (CNB) - Entrepreneurs starting a business in Fredericton or Edmundston now have access to BizPaL, an innovative online project that provides entrepreneurs with simplified access to the permit and licence information needed to establish and run their businesses.

Minister responsible for Service New Brunswick Greg Byrne said that the unique federal-provincial and municipal joint venture is designed to cut the burden of paperwork and red tape that owners of small businesses encounter.

"Encouraging entrepreneurship and reducing hindrances to business start-ups has always been one of this government's primary objectives," Byrne said. "It not only provides a way to improve the service experience for business clients, but helps to gain a competitive edge over other jurisdictions."

As a single-window, web-based inquiry service hosted by Industry Canada, BizPaL allows businesses to easily generate a customized list of permits, licences and approvals, from all levels of government, required to maintain or expand their enterprise.

BizPaL also provides contact information and links to websites for additional information or applications.

The municipalities of Fredericton and Edmundston came online earlier this month. Service New Brunswick and Industry Canada hope to introduce BizPaL to another 15 New Brunswick communities before April, 2009.

"BizPaL ensures that business clients have the information they need to meet all permit and licence requirements quickly and efficiently," said Byrne.

BizPaL may be found on the Service New Brunswick website, or at


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