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Open houses planned to discuss Petitcodiac River restoration (08/10/20)

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Oct. 20, 2008

MONCTON (CNB) - Two open houses planned for early November will focus on providing information to the public about Phase 1 work getting underway for the Petitcodiac River restoration.

The open houses, hosted by the Department of Supply and Services and its consultant, AMEC Earth and Environmental, will be held in Salisbury on Tuesday, Nov. 4, at the J.M. Armstrong Regional High School, and on Wednesday, Nov. 5, at the Moncton Lions Senior Citizens Centre. Each session runs from 5-8 p.m.

"We want to make sure that the community is fully informed about the work we are doing and will be doing to restore a free-flowing Petitcodiac River with unimpeded fish passage," said Supply and Services Minister Jack Keir. "These open houses will provide accurate information about the project, and how construction activity for Phase 1 is being carried out in preparation for the opening of the causeway gates in the spring of 2010."

During the sessions the public will meet the group responsible for implementing the project, and will get an overview and status report on its progress. There will be discussions about environmental management and river monitoring, rehabilitation of dykes and aboiteaux, placement of rip-rap along the shoreline, protection of the former Moncton landfill, drainage improvements to the west end traffic circle, and water main relocation.

Supply and Services will be awarding construction contracts for dyke and aboiteaux work in marsh body 41b, upstream from the causeway, and for rip-rap protection for the former Moncton landfill. To accommodate work on the dykes, the headpond level will be lowered by about one metre. This work will begin in the next few weeks in accordance with the conditions and regulations set out in the environmental impact assessment, and in municipal, provincial and federal legislation.

The department and AMEC also made recent presentations to the City of Moncton, the City of Dieppe, and the Town of Riverview to explain and outline details of the restoration. Although concerns have been expressed about how the former Moncton landfill will be affected by opening the gates, the province and its consulting team are confident that river flow will not advance far enough to affect the landfill. Erosion protection measures are being put in place to protect the banks of the river, valuable infrastructure, and the landfill before the gates are opened.


MEDIA CONTACTS: Judy Cole, communications officer, Department of Supply and Services, 506-457-7903; Jacques Paynter, communications, AMEC, 506-450-0843.