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Archives launches new website as research tool (08/11/18)

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Nov. 18, 2008

FREDERICTON (CNB) - A new website identifying thousands of communities where people live or have lived in New Brunswick during the past 150 years has been launched by the Provincial Archives.

Where Is Home? New Brunswick Communities Past and Present contains the names of more than 4,600 communities as well as their geographical co-ordinates. The database also has the derivations of each community name; listings of the changes those names may have undergone; and descriptions of the distinctive features of communities.

"This is an amazing new research tool that will allow the public to dig deeper into the province's places and history," said Ed Doherty, minister of supply and services. "The website makes accessible the extensive work done by several researchers over the years, telling the stories of our communities, how they came to be or to disappear with time. It is a virtual encylopedia of names and places."

More than 600 documents and 900 photographs are connected to the community descriptions. The archives has tapped its collections of early and more recent photographs for use on the website.

Where Is Home? has been launched in partnership with the Associates of the Provincial Archives. Funding was provided by the Canadian Culture Online Program of Canadian Heritage, Library and Archives Canada; the Canadian Council of Archives; and the official languages branch of the Department of Intergovernmental Affairs. It has also been launched in conjunction with the 40th anniversary of the Provincial Archives.

The public is encouraged to provide the archives with additional information for the website, found at


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